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Capel Street
Kent CT18 7HA
United Kingdom
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Reviews of Kent Nutrition Clinic

    Yvette Sutton Added February 14, 2020
    Our family has experienced significant long term health benefits from the care of Jane Davis at
    Kent Nutrition Clinic.

    Since birth my son suffered from severe and recurrent illnesses. Paying for blood tests to see
    what he was reacting to was a significant turning point in his health. By avoiding the foods he
    was reacting to he has no longer experienced the same intensity and frequency of illness which
    he did before. The tests also legitimised removing some foods from his diet which were causing
    him to be sick. This has been especially useful in some situations with family, friends or school
    where some people are reluctant to believe foods they have eaten all their lives should be avoided
    for wellbeing.

    Jane was extremely supportive whilst caring for our son. She was available to answer questions
    and queries and provided us with written protocols which I still refer to at times. I would definitely
    recommend her to others.
    L. Morgan Added February 13, 2020
    Jane Davis is an extraordinarily careful, knowledgeable and considerate practitioner. She has an amazing ability to get to the roots of multiple and complex health issues.  Nothing is too much trouble for her. The road to health is a journey that is best taken with one who really cares for their patients. Jane does.
    DR Added February 10, 2020
    I’d like to thank Jane Davis, who is a functional medicine practitioner at Kent Nutrition Clinic. Jane took a very thorough look at my rather complex health situation and with her support and advice I began to understand a number of co-factors contributing to my illness. Jane very knowledgeably supported me in making the necessary connections, which has been extremely helpful and I am very grateful for her understanding and kindness in devising a clear pathway that suited me and really aided my condition. I also appreciated that I received test results and consultation recommendations promptly and prescribed products were tailored to my needs. This has been a very good experience.
    Mirela Added February 06, 2020
    I would highly recommend Jane Davies. I suffered from constipation whole my life and I had major stomach problems after my hernia operation in 2018.  Jane helped me diagnose and overcome multiple problems-SIBO, constipation, lack of stomach acid, food intolerances etc. I’m now feeling million times better, I can eat in restaurants and do things that I like without having stomach pain and bloating. 
    Lee Morgan Added February 04, 2020
    Jane Davis is an extraordinarily careful, knowledgeable and considerate practitioner. She has an amazing ability to get to the roots of multiple and complex health issues.  Nothing is too much trouble for her. The road to health is a journey that is best taken with one who really cares for their patients. Jane does.
    Lucy Added February 03, 2020
    I have found Jane Davis at Kent Nutrition Clinic to be an excellent functional medicine practitioner, very professional, clear and concise. She has helped me feel significantly better using a protocol of dietary changes, a supplement protocol and laboratory tests. 
    Emily Added January 31, 2020
    Jane is an excellent Lyme literate practitioner that helped transform how I feel.
    Deborah Keates Added January 31, 2020
    Jane Davis is very professional with alot of experience and knowledge which has helped my son tremendously she has identified the problems he had and the results have been staggering hes a different person to what he was when he first saw her we can't sing her praises enough he now has a normal life and purpose
    Sarah Clarke Added January 28, 2020
    Jane Davis has helped me with my autoimmune disorder which I have suffered with most of my life. I found Jane to be extremely knowledgable and she provided helpful support whenever I needed her.
    She is very caring and understanding and for the first time in my life I feel listened to.
    Jane's diet, lifestyle and supplement advice has helped me get my autoimmune condition into remission, whilst I think the laboratory testing has helped me identify triggers of many of my health problems.
    My health and wellbeing has improved immensely and I feel empowered to manage my autoimmune condition myself.
    Thank you Jane, I have my life back
    Will Added January 23, 2020
    Jane at Kent Nutrition provided a clear and insightful interpretation of my allergy results. It really helped me to understand the underlying issues and how things can be linked. She has provided a really useful action plan of how to cope with dietary changes and which ones to make. I feel as a result of the consultation and tests the health of myself and whole family has improved. Thank you Jane.
    Charlotte bean Added January 22, 2020
    Jane Davis is an excellent practitioner, whom I can not recommend highly enough. Through thorough & selective laboratory testing, combined with supplements & dietary advice & guidance, Jane cleared my daughters debilitating eczema. My daughter had serve eczema (almost) since birth, resulting in open wounds across her legs & face and previous hospital stays. After years of struggling with this condition, Jane managed to really understand the make up of her body & the cause/ root of the problem. 
    Donna Drion Added January 22, 2020
    So thankful to Jane Davis for restoring comfort and giving back the smile and confidence to my friend's 12-year-old who was suffering from severe eczema!
    Victoria Hamilton Added January 21, 2020
    Jane Davis at Kent Nutrition has been so helpful to me on my healing journey. I never write reviews in general but Jane is such a kind, genuine and caring person as well as a highly knowledgeable and intuitive Nutrional Therapist I felt I had to write this. Jane went out of her way to help me when I was desperate to find a solution. I had severe gut issues which were so extreme that I was in near constant pain. It was quite scarry as I really didn't want to go down the medical model route of deadly steriods or even worse bowel surgery but I really was in quite a bad place. I really needed help. I found Jane just at thecright time She talked through all my issues with me listening deeply and helped to identify what test I needed to find out more about what was going on, talked through my specific issues and gave me some extemely helpful recommendations to follow. In particular Jane went out of her way to help me when I felt so desperate I was touched by her thoughtfulness, dedication and caring. Thankfully with her help and my comittment to make the changes I needed to, I am now pain free and have a plan for the future. Jane has a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill and she really goes the extra mile to help. I really cannot thank her enough for helping me at a time when I needed it the most
    Eva Gardener Added October 19, 2018
    I would recommend caution with this Nutritionist as she does not have the expertise to support someone with the complexity of Auto Immune Disease nor does she seem to have up to date CPD on gut function. Jane Davis does suggest some beneficial lifestyle changes. She is friendly and approachable, although like most Nutritionists, takes on far too many clients therefore responses can be rushed and mistakes made. Her Health Programmes are detailed yet contradictory and I found their complexity incredibly stressful. I do not trust that she has a coherent functional medicine approach. She has recommended an array of expensive unnecessary tests and gimmicky supplements with a dietary protocol, that not only has rendered me into significant debt, but also as it has transpired been detrimental to my health e.g exacerbating my poor oral tolerance. Result interpretation is done on the fly during a consultation which has been confusing and she appears to have no client summary notes - so the same questions are repeated, ergo time wasted. I note there are no testimonials nor listings of any CPD activity on her website. I do acknowledge that Jane may well be able to help others who have less complicated health concerns. I am now under the supervision of a qualified Functional Nutritionist who was been personally recommended to me by a fellow patient on the Health Unlocked forum.
    Susan Hawkes Added April 01, 2018
    Excellent, my health was going downhill, I had all sorts of ailments which have been dealt with. Life changing, thank you Jane.

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